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Kaleem Joy Licensed Midwife, Certified Professional Midwife, Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist CAMTC # 61788 

specializing in Newborn/infant feeding issues, sleep, irritability. 


I am so happy and grateful to be a part of One Heart Midwifery Care team.  Kaleem means clarity of consciousness, trust and light. Our practice of two licensed midwives and one student midwife offers a team approach to family centered maternity care. In addition to my midwifery skills and experience I am a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist utilizing massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Bowen therapy for newborns and infants especially with breast feeding,irritability, sleep or digestive concerns.

1. My path to midwifery

2. How I became part of One Heart Midwifery Care

3. Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist

4. Photography

5. Breast Feeding

1. My path to midwifery began when a friend invited me to her home birth. I had just finished nursing school that year and my labor and delivery rotation left me with many questions. Why were mothers told they could not touch there baby after birth? Why were the mothers and babies separated from each other for 4 hours at a time? Why did they need an operating room to push their babies out? Why where the babies in the nursery all lined up, instead of with their mothers? Their mothers arms where clearly longing for their babies. 

When I attended my friends home birth, I saw a very different way to give birth. She was laboring on her bed with her sweetheart holding her hand. She changed positions as she desired instead of being on her back. She ate and drank as she requested instead of only ice chips. Her midwives were attentive and yet quiet and calm. Everything felt powerful yet peaceful all at the same time. When the baby was born, he went right to his mothers arms. His cord was left alone until the placenta was born. Very different from the training I had seen of cutting it as soon as baby is born. This little person was in a quiet, warm bedroom snuggled with his mom and dad. He was given a blanket for warmth but not briskly dried and bothered as I had seen at the hospital. He went to breast undisturbed and there as a family they embraced this moment. This went on for more than an hour. Eventually the midwives asked if the parents were ready to see how much he weighed and have a quick check over. They were so respectful of the baby and he stayed right next to his parents instead of across the room in a medial warming table. It just felt right to me to see all of this even though I had had no other exposure to birth in this way. 

The placenta was again a new story. My friend started having contractions again and gently the placenta came. So different from my other experience as the placenta was pulled out almost immediately after the birth. And bleeding was so much more in the hospital, so little at home. I thought to myself, there must be something very important about how birth is meant to be. This home birth was a completely different experience.  

It was at that moment I said to myself, I want to be a midwife! I had spent the majority of my nursing career in pediatrics both in hospital and in clinic or home care. In 1988 my son was born which was an incredible experience for all of us. Breast feeding and raising this little joy has been an amazing journey.  To start my path while a young mother, I became a Certified Childbirth Educator and Doula. In 1992 I began midwifery classes and attending births with midwives as their assistants. This gave me exposure to many women and families choosing a hospital birth and home birth. The goal was to empower women to embrace and take ownership for their experience of pregnancy and birth. To celebrate and welcome the baby in a gentle respectful way.  


2. When I came to Sacramento in 1998, Marlene and I met. We found that our work as a team was very complimentary to a midwifery practice so we joined together to form One Heart Midwifery Care. Prior to meeting, Marlene had attended about 200 births as an assistant with another home birth midwife and became a Licensed Midwife in 2001. I had attended about 200 also of a combination of home and hospital.  Since then we have worked together and celebrated together over 800 babies being born as of August 2017.  We each bring our own skills and talents to provide optimum care for the families. 

As midwifery progressed in my life so did my interest in alternative health. I have a Certificate degree in homeopathy that I graduated with honors and have self studied herbs for over 20 years. Nutrition is main key element in supporting a healthy body which is why I educate women to eat whole nourishing foods during their pregnancy and nursing period. 


3. In 2005 I became a Certified Massage Therapist. I began to notice that when the pelvis was fluid and balanced the births went better. I added to my skills, Cranial Sacral Therapy as this was a gentle yet effective method of balancing the body. In 2012 I became a infant massage instructor. The importance of massage for newborns and infants was fascinating and why not do massage. We often think about for adults but infants and children have just as much if not more need for positive touch. As time progressed in 2014 I became a Certified Pediatric Massage therapist. I learned the value through the years of doing specific bodywork and massage on newborns having breast feeding problems. The ability of the baby to have freedom in their bodies to have comfort, sleep and especially to eat easily has been a focus of mine. I utilize massage, cranial sacral therapy and bowen therapy. As of 2017 I am beginning to incorporate water therapy too. Babies need to feel comfort and freedom from restrictions in their bodies too. Sometimes the womb time may have left them with muscle tension, sometimes the birth. The key is to give them the freedom to expand and become their greatest self. The whole family benefits from a baby who feel comfortable, who can eat well and sleeps well. 


4. Photography became a side hobby during births.  I have photographed over 700 births and babies through my career. This has created memorable pictures for the families to share with their children as they grow. The capturing of that moment when everyone meets is incredible and powerful. The ability to see a baby cradled in it’s mothers arms overlooked by an amazed partner is just so rewarding. It really says it all for me. I thank the families who have given us permission to share their experience through photos on our website. We always have a camera at births and are happy to take photos if you would like them. Just ask us.


5. As midwifery also supports the post partum of the family through 6 weeks, breast feeding becomes a high focus. There are two parts to breast feeding. One is the mother and milk and the other is the ability for the baby to be a good milker. My opportunity to support the normal process in addition to assist a newborn to release restrictions means more success.  Restrictions in their jaw, tongue, or body can cause discomfort to the mom or challenges with getting enough milk causing a low supply or cranky baby. Using support and newborn bodywork is my strength. 


A positive optimistic attitude is a key element in my life which I encourage the families to do in preparation for their birth and baby. Thank you for reading my path to midwifery and to the work I love with the babies. 


      May you find your sense of trust and belief in your body’s wisdom to birth safely and successfully at home supported by skilled, experience and compassionate midwives. 

May you reach out to support your newborn in having the help they need to unfold from their time in the womb and from birth. 

Trust, believe and know you ARE the giver of birth.  


Direct Entry Midwife 1994-1997

Licensed Midwife , State of California 1997-- 2003, 2015 to present

Certified Professional Midwife  2002- present

Licensed Vocational Nurse 1980-83

Registered Nurse 1983-2005

Certified Childbirth Educator ALACE 1992-1998

Professional Doula since 1991- present

Labor/ Midwife Assistant training through IBP  (ALACE) 1991

Anne Fuller Midwifery Intensive 1994

Elizabeth Davis, Heart & Hands Midwifery Intensive and Advanced Intensive 1996

Homebirth Midwifery Assistant 1994-96

Certified Massage Therapist 2005-present

Cranial Sacral Therapist Level IV, 2004

Certificate in Homeopathy, 2005 

Certified Infant Massage Teacher 2012

Certification Pediatric Massage Therapist 2014 to present

Neo-Natal Resuscitation Certified every 2 years

Attend Bi-Monthly Peer Review

MANA member

NACPM member

CEU current 






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