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Trust your instincts

Posted by One Heart Midwifery on August 22, 2011 at 9:10 PM

Mothers and their newborn babies are reminded to trust their instincts to birth, breastfeed and to love. When there are well meaning familiy members who come, especially in the first week to "help", a mothers instincts can be interrupted. It is normal for a new mother to want to keep her new baby in her arms and in bed with her. She knows instincturally that a baby is meant to be kept warm and tended to in her arms and on her chest. Years ago women were taught by hospital staff to not sleep with their babies, not breast feed their babies and certainly not to hold them too much or they will become spoiled.

A newborn infant is programed to stay near a mothers breast. It learns to regulate breathing by being near her breath and hearing her heart which is familiar from the womb. If loving grandparents and family will remember this and stay with the mothers room and ASK to hold a new baby, not take them, and do so for only a moment and then hand them back, a new mother will feel the respect and support much more. Family can best serve a new mother by doing dishes, laundry, tending syblings, and especially preparing food and drinks for the mother and have it available for her at all times. Sleeping with her baby in her arms is normal. It is not easy for a new mother to sleep when her baby is somewhere else.

Breast feeding is a demand issue. The baby cues the mother and the mother learns the cues. When others care for the baby this is interrupted. The father does well to burp and change diapers and help the mom by supporting her to Breast feed as much as the baby requests

Babies are on breast more than off in the first few weeks. Family and fathers can best support a new mom in helping her to have what she needs so she can tend the baby.

Mothers trust your instints!! They are always there for you to listen to. Your babies have lived inside your body for 9 months and they need to live close to you for another 3. It is the 4th trimester and they are meant to be in a pouch or sling or in your arms.

Love them abundantly and they will be confident toddlers.

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Reply Sudama's Mom
1:41 AM on January 5, 2012 
Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom and helping me as a new mother confirm my instincts to be close to my baby. My baby is now 5 months old, and I still feel we cannot be parted for very long or sleep apart. It is such a wonderful feeling to have such a profound sense of knowing from within, to see it move without and be confirmed by others dear to us such as our Midwives :-)

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