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Natural Birth... whose job is it?

Posted by One Heart Midwifery on March 17, 2019 at 6:30 PM

Natural Childbirth in our society today is returning to brith givers mindset. The reason is so many stories around how babies are born. Often the stories are filled with trauma and complications. How in the world did birth become such a complicated experience? Since before you were born there was a neurological pathway that was created just waiting for you to give birth naturally. This pathway developed just like you did as you grew through the years. Society, family, friends, social media and media has played a roll in what you and your brain believe. 

Here is the truth! Natural Birth can be trusted! Natural Birth can be powerful and empowering!  Natural Birth can open up an amazing experience for you, your baby and your family. Maybe you have had babies before and this was not the way birth was for you. The question to ask is "WHY"? Why did the birth go this way? Why did the birth you heard about go the way it did, either natural and powerful or complicated? 

So many birth givers have been lead to believe that pregnancy and birth are a problem waiting to happen. They have been lead to believe that without every test, and technology, birth can not occur. 


The NEED for technology should be 10% or less. 

I know that sounds just crazy. But it's true!!! There are some key things that have to be in place to make that safe to own this statement. A birth giver needs to be in good health with a low risk pregnancy. Eating whole foods, drinking clean water and fluids, walking or doing some type of simple exercise, and have a positive mind set. Some other things I have found as a midwife since the late 90's is massage therapy, chiropractic and using a birth ball to keep the pelvis flowing and flexable. 

Let me classify good health and low risk pregnancy for you. You don't have any of the following issues: diabetes requireing medication, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, fractured pelvis, bleeding disorders, genital herpes near delivery, HIV or AIDS, to name a few.

The reason most birth givers request or need technology is because either the mind, the body or the baby are out of sync with each other. To have the pelvis flexable allows baby to get into a good position which allows the power of labor to flow well. The last is the mind set. When you begin to take ownership for being the one that grows a healthy baby and gives birth to a healthy baby, you begin to change the course of events. 

Choosing technology to be part of your birth instead of support and a good back up system means you go down a road you may not have thought you wanted to. The road of technology is like the childrens book  Give a Mouse a Cookie. If you choose a hospital you are choosing monitors and strangers at your birth with possible medication and surgical delivery. You are choosing to become a patient that by definition means " one who suffers". Natural birth is one of power with a purpose.

My Motto is "IF YOU COMPLICATE BIRTH.....BIRTH BECOMES COMPLICATED".Natural childbirth is natures best work. 

Birth is powerful, simple, yet powerful. We attend birth givers at home because they have choosen to take ownership for the power and the process. They have done their research and know that midwifery care attended at home is their best option for the best outcome. We bring the safety equipment IF NEEDED to their house. Natural Birth goes forward with the least interruptions possible. Everyone celebrates the path. 

If you are thinking about giving birth naturally, think about where natural is most likely to occur. At a hospital?, At a free standing birth center? Or in your own home. There is a wonderful phrase " what gets the baby in, gets the baby out and fed too". Oxytocin works at it's best when you are undisterbed. Imagine making love and people come in your room and ask you how it is going and turn on lights and talk to you. Not going to happen, right? Natural birth's hormone oxytocin flows best with less. Less light, talking, people, and technology. 

Oxytocin is your best friend in accomplishing a natural birth. It loves to be loved and trusted. When baby is in a good position, pelvis is flexable and the  power/oxytocin is given permission to soar...... natural birth moves forward and your baby comes into your arms. There is celebration!!!

Choose wisely where you will give birth as that will also determine who your care provider will be. Midwives and home is a great starting place. The hospital is always open 24/7 365 days per year if needed just like any other issue where there is illness or injury. Natural birth is normal. A normal part of our human life. Your baby knows how to be born. Give your baby and yourself the opportunity to do this dance together the way natural intended it. Call a midwife today and interview them. Just see what you think and go from there. Thanks for stopping by. May your experience bring you joy. 

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