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'P"s are good for birth

Posted by One Heart Midwifery on December 18, 2015 at 3:30 AM

What does "P" have to do with birth? Check it out!

Birth is all about the 5 P's.

The power, passage, passanger, passion and purpose.

Lets explore each.

Preparation: Your birth space should be tidy, warm, relaxing and attended by only those that trust in the process. Have your provider know what your desires are. Find your power within that desires the birth you want. Own it, imagine it and trust it.

Power: the power behind the amazing muscle called the Uterus or Womb is called Oxytocin. This hormone demands an environment that is calm, trusting, private and low light. Encouragment and support are essential for the mind to allow this hormone to flow. When this hormone flows well the power flows and birth progresses smoothly.You need a mind that is quiet.

Passenger: The baby is an integral part in helping the cervix ( the neck of the uterus) to do it's job in telling the uterus to work well. When the baby gets into a good head down, back up front with a tucked chin position, birth goes better.

Passage: The baby can get into the optimum position better and move through easier when the passage or your hips are flexible and fluid. Remember bones are only held together with soft tissue as muscles and ligaments. The looser and more flexible they are the easier the birth for you and the baby.

Passion: The intention within you to birth your baby and work together as a team will help the passion to support the progress of birth.  The oxytocin hormone ( love hormone) asks for your trust and responds by moving forward.

Purpose: Keep in mind the reason you are giving birth. Your baby needs your trust in the process and the power to move forward. Having a birth that is completely natural is a journey within your mind, heart, spirit and whole being.

How can you achieve all the "P"'s?  Walk, swim, yoga, use a birth ball to circle your hips. Go to a pregnancy specialist massage therapist. She/He can assist you to increase the flexability of the pelvis which baby gets into a better position which makes labor progress and baby is born well.

Prepare your mind by using positive affirmations. Draw them, write them, put them up and look at them.

Get quiet with your mind and just focus on your breath.

Trust, trust, trust!!!!! Yourself, your body, your baby and nature.

Blessings on your birth and baby.


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