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Student Midwife

We are so excited to announce the birth of a new student midwife to the practice.


Christie has had 2 home born children and is signed up with the National College of Midwifery as of March 1, 2014. You will be seeing her during prenatals, births, and post partums as she will spend the next 2-3 years with us learning the art and science of midwifery. She is a wealth of wonderful knowledge about nutrition and health. She comes from a big family where all of her brothers and sisters have had all their babies at home also. She has a wonderful touch and a keen ability to understand the work of midwifery.

She has a gentle spirit and and eager heart to learn and understand. She is quiet when needed and all the clients who have had her at their births are pleased with her manner of support. 

Placenta Encapsulation Services

One Heart Midwifery Care Village

is proud to announce a new service

Placenta Encapsulation Services

You may call us and request our services. See the placenta encapsulation page for more details. We also recommend Caps & Tincs with Jaslynn Ball who is also a certified encapsulator who you can contact on facebook.  P.S. If you still have your placenta in the freezer and it is less than 6 months old you can still encapsulate!!

Massage Therapy For The Rest of the Family

Exciting news!!

Teesha Renton CMT

Her goal is to provide a safe, relaxing and comfortable environment for therapeutic treatment. She believes that treating the whole body is important. Teesha specializes in pregnancy bodywork and massage. She works with your body to relieve tension and improve flexibility to improve the comfort of pregnancy and the progression of labor and birth. She will see women from 12 weeks to birth and post partum. In the last month of pregnancy she will focus on the birth and the flexibility of the pelvis and hips. 


Her bodywork and massage gratuity is $110 for a generous 90 min session. Teesha has been mentored by Carrie Bigfors CMT who is a specialist in unique techniques for pregnancy and the preparation for a smooth and progressive labor. 


Call and schedule a session today. She fills quickly and is looking forward to serving the women in the homebirth and hospital birth community. Please tell your friends and family too. Let them know this is a great gift to offer you during pregnancy. 



Tesha Renton  916-671-0997

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