One Heart Midwifery Care


Kaleem Joy Licensed Midwife, Certified Professional Midwife, Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist

specializing in Newborn/infant feeding issues, sleep, irritability. 


I am so happy and grateful to be a part of One Heart Midwifery Care team.  Kaleem means clarity of consciousness, trust and light. Our practice of two licensed midwives and one student midwife offers a team approach to family centered care. In addition to my midwifery skills and experience I am a Certified Pediatric Massage therapist utilizing massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Bowen therapy for newborns and infants especially with breast feeding concerns.

Having a baby at home is sweet, healthy, safe and satisfying to women, their babies and their families. I knew then that I too wanted to be a midwife. Having been in the medical world, primarily pediatrics, and being exposed to their philosophy, I felt that there must be a better way. Having attended this birth at home validated that. I first had my son in 1988 which was an incredible experience for me. Breast feeding and raising this little joy has been an amazing journey.  I became a Certified Childbirth Educator and Doula. This gave me exposure to many women and families choosing a hospital birth. As each one would ask me if they could say no to this and no to that, I had to ask myself why they felt so dis-empowered during their births. Each birth is unique and it belongs to the woman and her baby.

  I have a Certificate degree in homeopathy that I graduated with honors and have self studied herbs for over 20 years. Nutrition is a key element in supporting a healthy body which is why I educate women to eat whole nourishing foods during their pregnancy and nursing period. I love photography and am especially skilled at birth and babies. A positive optimistic attitude is a key element in my life which I encourage the families to do in preparation for their birth and baby. I am aware of the potential concerns of pregnancy, birth and babies which is why educating families in preventative measures whenever possible, is really important.  

       I began my journey through midwifery in 1979 by going through nursing school. I saw things that my heart knew needed to change as I went through my Labor and Delivery rotation. My first experience with midwifery was being invited to a local families home birth of their 3rd child in 1979.  I was completely impressed with the support given the mom and the respect and celebration given the baby. I saw the incredible power with abundant courage this mom had and she gave birth peacefully and with the respect of those around them.  Their family surrounded them and they were welcomed.

When I came to Sacramento in 1998, Marlene and I met. We found that our work as a team was very complimentary to a midwifery practice so we joined together to form One Heart Midwifery Care. Prior to meeting, Marlene had attended about 200 births as an assistant with another home birth midwife and became a Licensed Midwife in 2001.I had attended about 200 also of a combination of home and hospital.  Since then we have worked together and celebrated over 800 babies being born as of August 2017.  We each bring our own skills and talents to provide optimum care for the families.

      As I went through my education and training to learn what a midwife did, I learned that they are there to support a woman and her baby and to provide a measure of safety. That measure of safety was to have the skills, experience and knowledge to use  midwifery wisdom to help a woman emotionally, physically or medically if needed. To be there to assist a baby if the transition to life was challenged. To help parents be informed  about  lab tests, ultrasounds, referrals to doctor's or hospitals if their technology would serve them better. To educate about natural health care options and medical options so families can make informed choices. If herbs, homeopathy or a massage can bring the body back into balance or a blood pressure back to normal or a babies position better for birth then they have that option. Sometimes they need a chiropractor and sometimes they may need an OB. Birth is as normal as life gets. Midwives believe in that and are trained to handle and carry equipment for those things that may need help at the moment of birth. I learned that to be a midwife meant you could also recognize when something wasn’t right and knew what to do about it.

    Breast feeding is really important to a new baby and mother. Establishing this relationship from the first moments of life can set a seed for months of happy bonding and health benefits. It has been a unique focus for me to support women and to provide assessment and massage therapy to their babies should muscular issues be part of a difficult breast feeding experience. Breast feeding and breast milk is always a top priority for us so long as it is the families also.

      I have photographed over 700 births and babies through my career. This has created memorable pictures for the families to share with their children as they grow. The capturing of that moment when everyone meets is incredible and powerful. The ability to see a baby cradled in it’s mothers arms overlooked by an amazed partner is just so rewarding. To see the closeness between them all is truly breathtaking. It really says it all for me. I thank the families who have given us permission to share their experience through photos on our website. I can not guarantee my hands are free to photograph your birth, yet I am more than willing to if they are free.

      May you find your sense of trust and belief in your body’s wisdom to birth safely and successfully at home supported by skilled, experience and compassionate midwives. 

Trust, believe and know you ARE the giver of birth.  


Direct Entry Midwife 1994-1997

Licensed Midwife , State of California 1997-- 2003, 2015 to present

Certified Professional Midwife  2002- present

Licensed Vocational Nurse 1980-83

Registered Nurse 1983-2005

Certified Childbirth Educator ALACE 1992-1998

Professional Doula since 1991- present

Labor/ Midwife Assistant training through IBP  (ALACE) 1991

Anne Fuller Midwifery Intensive 1994

Elizabeth Davis, Heart & Hands Midwifery Intensive and Advanced Intensive 1996

Homebirth Midwifery Assistant 1994-96

Certified Massage Therapist 2005-present

Cranial Sacral Therapist Level IV, 2004

Certificate in Homeopathy, 2005 

Certified Infant Massage Teacher 2012

Certification Pediatric Massage Therapist 2014 to present