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 The Midwives Model of Care which is based on the fact that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes and has proven that this women-centered comprehensive model of care increases positive outcomes for both mother and baby.

It is an honer and privilege to assist with the birth of your baby. Birth is a priceless and beautiful time and we will use our individual skills and experience to provide you the very best and safest care for you and your new baby. You as a mother, are the giver of birth and it is your power and ability that brings your baby safely forth into your arms!

Our full fee is $6000. We offer a discount of $1000 when our fee is paid in full by 28 weeks or a discount of $500 if paid in full by 35 weeks.  The fee includes the following services offered in a supportive role for a normal pregnancy:

~Prenatal Visits-Once a month in office visits for weeks 4-32, twice a month for weeks 32-36, one in home visits at 37 weeks then weekly in office visits until  the birth. These visits include routine physical prenatal care, emotional support, nutritional counseling, herbal and homeopathic advice, and optional labs, ultrasounds or screening tests (Initial lab panel, Group beta Strep culture at 35 weeks and birth kit are included in fees.  Additional labs or ultrasounds not included in pricing), as well as advocating for normal natural birth.

~Education of options and alternatives for labor and birth.

~Referrals to other care providers for optimum outcome if needed.

~Birth in your home- Explanation of normal labor or concerns that warrant medical help, assessing fetal heart tones and mothers vital signs ensuring labor progresses safely, dilation, effacement and station checks as needed to monitor progress, additional labor support as needed. We are each trained in Neonatal Resuscitation every 2 years for surprise emergency situations. If deem that a transfer is required for the safety of mother or baby, you will be accompanied there and remain with you for support.

~Breastfeeding support, and Newborn Baby Exam immediately after birth and follow through for 6 weeks.  

~Postpartum in home visits at 1 day, 3or4 days and 1 week. You may be seen more if your situation warrants additional visits or check in via telephone as needed to ensure your body is healing well and your baby is thriving.

~6 week Mother and Baby Postpartum Care follow up care in our office.

~24 hour phone support prenatal through postpartum and emergency or urgent services by cell phone or in our office.

~Birth certificate  filing with the county after your birth
and social security paperwork and directions. $28 per copy

~Tests and Screening options regarding the following: Initial routine lab work, AFP genetic screening, Glucose tolerance test, Antibody screening if RH-, GBS screenings, Vitamin K, Erythromycin eye ointment, Rhogam , Newborn Screening , and other tests or screenings as needed or you desire for you or your baby. Additional charges per lab fees apply.

In addition to our individual professional skills we always provide compassion and respect. Your family is important to us! We want to help you achieve the birth you want, if possible. Because labor and birth are so individual one can never know what challenges and opportunities will present themselves. We will share our thoughts, ideas, experience, knowledge, skills and hearts as we travel with you on this amazing journey!

Payment plans and insurance billing for partial fee are available. Please call to discuss your situation.

Contact today to set up your complimentary consultation so you can have all your questions addressed.

 (916) 412-6443 or by email at

The home office is located at 7862 Glen Echo Street in Citrus Heights, CA 95610. Please call for appointments.

NOTE: If you are a CURRENT CLIENT, please call or text with questions related to your care, especially if they are urgent. Emails may take 24 hours or more to answer as we are not always near (or logged on) to our computer! Thanks so much :)

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